Whether you're curious about training bras, or needing help in selecting the right starter bra, we are here to help. A question that I have often heard is "when should a young woman start wearing a bra?" Well their is no definitive age. A womans breasts can start growing as early as age 7 and often don't stop growing until early 20's or so. If your breasts begin to jiggle, feel sensitive or feel heavy when you run, it may be time to consider a bra. Regardless of your age or stage of breast development, your choice to wear a bra or not is a personal decision. If you've started to develop breasts and you would like to wear a bra, you may want to start with a training bra.

This is an exciting time for most young ladies but don't rush into it. Be sure to seek help from a female relative about your decision to start wearing a bra. Consulting with someone that has experience wearing a bra can help make decision making and shopping a lot easier.

Training Bra - A training bra may be a good idea when you first start developing, it may also help you get used to wearing a bra. As your breasts develop, your nipples may become more noticeable, a training bra can provide the extra coverage you need if this is bothersome to you.

Sports Bra - A sports bra may be a good idea if you are very physical, actively playing sports, or just uncomfortable wearing a training bra. Sports bras generally provide more support then your average style brassiere.

Womens bras come in all different shapes, and sizes. You will need to measure yourself to choose the appropriate 
size bra regardless of the style that you select.

When to Start Wearing a Bra